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Antonym Cosmetics Skin Esteem foundation for fab liquid foundation Eco-Luxury

new fave foundation for a natural, skin-like look. Antonym Cosmetics is the new wet n Wild, YAY! Wait…what? विज्ञापन Well, they are called Antonym, a word that means opposites, so they actually remind me of Hourglass. They’re a five-year-old Miami-based… Continue Reading →

Ditching Under-Eye Concealer: chapter 2

With and without the current under-eye non-concealer experiment, The Pearl in Softlight, by Tatcha OK, so it’s been an eye-opening few days, and not just because I sneaked in 10 hours of sleep Thursday night and feel like a new… Continue Reading →

Adventures in Bread Baking, chapter 1

The very first loaf of bread I ever baked As of last Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018, I am officially an apprentice self-taught bread baker, as well as I made bread all weekend long. In two days, El Hub, Connor as… Continue Reading →

Meghan Markle makeup moments

Ah… I love the smell of clean makeup brushes. Hiya, ya cutie patootie with a big ol’ booty! I sure do love the scent of clean makeup brushes. They remind me of burying my nose in a gloriously fluffy cat… Continue Reading →

शनिबार सर्फिंग, जुलाई 7th

मेरो, पछिल्लो रात। ठिक छ … हिजो पत्यपछि बिहान: करीव PM बजे सम्म, मजस्तै वा लिनुहोस्, किनकि जब युवा बच्चाहरूको राम्रा वयस्कहरू, म खेलकुदमा थिएँ। मेरो (Comor को) स्टीथोस्कोप साथै गुलाबी गुलाबी स्प्लिंक ग्लास, तथापि म नक्कल गर्छु … विज्ञापन… Continue Reading →

The MAC Liquidlast Liners Are Back (Remember These?)

MAC naked Bond, Late Night, Coco Bar, keep It Currant, rich & Robust, Blue Me Over, wet Road, and Misty Me Pretty sure I discussed this the other day, but yeah, my lids are getting progressively much more hooded every… Continue Reading →

Makeup as well as appeal blog Monday Poll, Vol. 573

What I did last weekend… त्यसो भए … सोमबार चुप लाग्नु भनेको के हो? उत्कृष्ट प्रश्न! It isn’t, in contrast to its name, an actual poll, like with bit clicky buttons. यो केवल पाँच मध्ये एक धेरै वा कम अनियमित… Continue Reading →

My go-to Brownie recipe

get ready to unbutton your jeans, love. Where your black stretchy pants at?! because I got A go-to BROWNIE RECIPE, and now YOU get TO have IT too (gotta sing that last sentence out loud because these are that good,… Continue Reading →

Saturday Surfing, January 6th, 2018

good morning! Hoppy Caturday! ?? It’s sunny here this morning, thank goodness. It looks like we’re getting a break from the rain. I’m on my second cup of coffee, and the caffeine is coursing through my veins and making me… Continue Reading →

कस्तो धन्यवादको परम्परा तपाई यस वर्ष अगाडि हेर्दै हुनुहुन्छ?

त्यहाँ कतै पनी एक pacan पाई छ। मलाई विश्वास छ यो काउन्टरमा थियो … वा हुनसक्छ मैले भर्खरै वास्तविक खाना, हे हारुको अघि यसलाई खाएँ! धन्यवाद लगभग यहाँ छ, साथै यो हाम्रो परम्परा संग छ। एक प्रकारको कस्टम जुन खासै… Continue Reading →

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